Tips For Restaurants: Valentine’s Day


You know what they say; “Without Valentine’s Day, February would be… Well, January.” February 14 is the most romantic day of the year, for sure. It represents a special and romantic evening for many couples. This day usually ends with a nice dinner at a restaurant, although the couples begin planning their gifts days before.

February 14 becomes one of the days when the competition between restaurants is at its highest. While couples are looking for restaurants to spend their romantic evening, the restaurant owners and staff drown under a heavy workload. You can minimize the pressure while attracting more guests to your business. How come? By looking at the tips, we have prepared for restaurants and cafes!

Empower your reservation management

On one of the busiest days of booking, you may need good planning. You can provide convenience to your guests who want to choose or change a table with the least effort and time. How come? Take control of all table reservation processes with Check & Place restaurant reservation management. Direct your customers to make reservations online and minimize phone traffic.

Crown this special day with a special menu

You can create a special menu with Valentine’s Day theme. Come up with different food and drink options. You can offer little desserts and treats to your customers to give them an opinion for after dinner. In addition, thanks to SimpraPOS‘ combo menu feature, you can create fixed menus to guide your guests and strengthen time management.

Don’t take risks. Take contactless payments

First things first, here comes the health issue. By offering contactless ordering, you can both reduce paper usage and ensure the health of your guests. With QR Menu Order, place the old-fashion menus circulating from hand to hand by using QR menus specially designed for your business. In this way, you can make the order and payment processes faster and more hygienic.

Increase your sales with delivery service

Did you know that the delivery service rates increased by 60% in 2020 and it will continue to increase? Some couples may prefer to have a romantic atmosphere at home instead of dining out on this special day. Therefore, do not deprive your guests of delicious tastes! You can bring your meals all the way to your customers, thanks to SimpraPOS’s delivery service solution.

Embrace the gift cards

Gift cards are a worldwide sales method that never goes out of style. Valentine’s Day is one of the days when people buy gifts for their loved ones. That is why you can make your guests come back to your restaurant and increase your reservation rate directly by preparing gift cards and discount coupons. Is it that simple? Yeah, it is!

Take advantage of social media

Social media is a very effective channel to communicate interactively with your guests. You can organize a raffle for Valentine’s Day and host the winning couple at your establishment that evening. In this way, you can attract new guests to your restaurant or cafe and you will increase customer loyalty.

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