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Factory Karaköy Factory Karaköy
Hubeyb Karaca
“Simpra Insight enabled us to track our sales instantly in all our branches. Based on this data, highlighting the right products at the right time allowed us to increase our productivity by 30%.”

Kaen Sushi

"With Simpra Reservation, the tables of incoming guests are determined in advance, and reservation confirmation processes are managed through Simpra Reservation. This application has enabled us to save an average of 1.5-2 hours of work per day."

Alper Korkmaz


"With Simpra KDS, our dining room and kitchen teams are better coordinated. This system allows us to quickly convey customers' special requests to the kitchen, thus contributing to our customers overall level of satisfaction when leaving."

Hasan Yeşilyurt

Tuck Coffee

"The biggest advantage of Simpra is having an online cloud system."

Mertcan Karaağaç


"As a manager, the most significant advantage of Simpra is its ability to manage inventory tracking superbly and its fast transactions feature for employees."

Umut Tekgil


"I can say that Simpra gave us what we wanted in our high-traffic business."

Yasemin Gürgan Deniz

Make Me Joi

"When I want to make changes to my menu or need to add a new product with Simpra, I can do it very easily."

Dilara Üstünsöz


"With Simpra, we can manage multiple brands at a single cash register without any confusion."

Erman Eroğlu

Kasap Kadın

"When I want to see what was served to which table, I can see it instantly."

Semrah Doğan

Bread & Burger

"Working on Android, PC, and desktop computers is a significant advantage."

Osman Zühel


"We decided to work with Simpra because it has a strong team and a corporate structure."

Hasan Işık


"Even an employee I hired one day ago, can easily learn Simpra within 24 hours."

Zafer Bilge


"With Simpra, we can comfortably carry out and instantly track our POS transactions."

Gökhan Balcı

Urban Bread

"We haven't encountered any other POS system as detailed and user-friendly as Simpra."

Emrah Sati

Date Patisserie

"Simpra creates an environment in which we can continuously update and easily add new products."

Büke Şedele


"I can easily use Simpra, and I'm very happy about it."

Sarah Nile Cameron


"We really liked Simpra when we first saw it. It gave us what we wanted for our complex operations."

Yasemin Gürgan Deniz

BEX Coffee & Chocolate

"One of the most important things that sets Simpra apart from other programs is its 24/7 support."

Nazım Yüzbaş

Tonton Baba

"Simpra is one of the leading companies that has adapted to the conditions of today. We trusted Simpra."

Nevzat Karakeben

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