7 Ways to Manage Your Takeaway Processes Correctly


The demand for package delivery has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic. The market share of package ordering continues to grow parallel with diversification of earnings and service forms for businesses. We have prepared a 7-item guideline for transforming your business and increasing customer satisfaction for package delivery offering businesses.

Reach your customers from different channels

Mobile application, mobile website, desktop, computer or tablet. Your customers will want to quickly reach your business from the smart device they have. You can cooperate with intermediary platforms to increase your potential customers. This will provide you with alternative platforms that can be accessed via smart devices. Meet Simpra WebShop and package service integrations offered by Simpra. Take orders from your website and from other popular intermediary platforms.

Don’t neglect your website

In this period, it is greatly favorable for operators to receive orders from their own websites where the commission rates are decreasing. You should make sure to put in place the necessary integrations to receive orders through your company’s website.

Aim to provide fast and quality service

Speed of service is one of the most important issues for customers. Long waiting times in the package delivery can lead to order cancellations and may also cause your business not to be preferred again. Therefore, aim to deliver correctly packaged orders to your customers as soon as possible.

Offer payment alternatives

For package orders, try offering payment alternatives to your customers. It will increase customer loyalty when alternative payment options such as credit card, online payment, meal card, cash at the door are provided. SimpraPAY functions as a POS system and a payment taking device. It allows you to perform all necessary transactions on a single device starting from order taking until payment. Moreover, it can be used on all NFC compatible phones and POS devices with Android operating systems effectively reducing hardware costs.

Target contactless delivery

Aim for contactless service starting from the moment of order placement by the customer. Online payment will be a good place to start. Leaving the package at the customer’s door is seen as an important step in order delivery. Customers prefer meticulous businesses, even more so during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reserve your order packing area

Create a separate department for the preparation of the takeaway order. This will ensure that the traffic within the business is reduced and the packages will be given to the courier without any confusion.

Use efficient packaging methods

Always take care about efficiency when preparing takeaway orders. For example, do not mix hot foods with cold drinks, choose easy-to-open containers and try reducing the use of plastic. Simpra is with you in all processes related to takeaway service. With Simpra WebShop, you can receive orders from your website and monitor all orders placed through popular home delivery platforms.


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