Manage Delivery Orders with Simpra

Simpra offers integrations where businesses of all types can easily and seamlessly manage their delivery processes.


Delivery Orders Under Control

Manage all your delivery orders from different platforms through the ePOS system with Simpra’s wide integration options.

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Speed ​​and practicality are the most important things for us. That's why we chose Simpra.

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I can instantly see how my business is in that day's turnover with Simpra. This is a great convenience.

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Simpra creates an environment where we can constantly update and add new products easily.


All Your Orders In One Place! Improve communication with external delivery partners for smoother pick-up and delivery. Stop manually re-entering your orders from different delivery channels in your ePOS.

All Delivery Orders on Single
Platform with Simpra

Meet Simpra to manage all of your delivery order processes through your ePOS system!


Delivery Orders In Your Fingertips

Manage all delivery service processes, receive payments easily, and provide perfect management in the ePOS system with Simpra’s flexible and easy-to-use interface,


Instant Order Display

All your package orders are instantly reflected in the ePOS system.

Courier Assignment

Make the courier assignment of your orders instantly via the ePOS system.

Getting Payment

SimpraPOS supports different payment methods and makes it easy to receive payments.

ePOS System Integration

All orders, received payments, courier information and more appear in the ePOS system.

The Perfect Delivery Experience

Manage the delivery service processes flawlessly in your business with the advanced interface of the delivery service application.

Easy Address Entry

Customers can easily mark the delivery address of their orders with a pin on the map and create their orders.

Region Selection from the Map

Determine the delivery area by drawing on the map or directly choose your service area from the search tab.

Delivery Pricing Option

Set different delivery pricing for the delivery areas you have marked on the map.

Suitable Globally

Customers can mark their delivery address on the map or they can define their addresses with a zip code.


User Story

Listen from our users why you should choose Simpra.

"Simpra'yı diğer programlardan ayıran en önemli şeylerden biri 7 gün 24 saat destek sunması."

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