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Track your purchases, products in stock, and more from a single point!

Simplify Inventory and Cost Management

Keep track of the ordering time for products and materials in your stock with Simpra Inventory at all times.

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Make Me Joi

Speed ​​and practicality are the most important things for us. That's why we chose Simpra.

Erman Eroğlu


We have correctly set up our workflows with Simpra. In particular, it is a great convenience for us to receive reports from our mobile phones.

Sarah Nile Cameron


I can easily use Simpra and I am very happy with it.

Simplify inventory management with the recipe feature

Determine the sales price by analyzing costs of recipes prepared, also by keeping track of the stocks of equivalent products.

Streamline processes with instant stock revision

Practically and quickly track products in your stock. The materials used in the products sold are instantly deducted from stocks.

Increase your profit margin with detailed reports

Examine the prices of previously purchased products, products in the process transfer, order levels according to stock levels.

User Story

Listen from our users why you should choose Simpra.

Simpra, sürekli güncelleme yapabildiğimiz ve yeni ürünleri kolayca ekleyebildiğimiz bir ortam yaratıyor.

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Date Patisserie

Efficient Stock Tracking with Advanced Features

Reduce your costs and increase your profits by keeping track of your stocks with Simpra Inventory.


Branch Management

Track stocks in different branches to minimize losses. Collect production requests from branches and evaluate materials you have purchased from the supplier to produce a production plan.

Payment Tracking

Easily see your payments according to the payment days you set on your supplier cards and track your remaining debts.

Bidirectional Integration

Simpra Inventory is bidirectionally integrated with ERP applications. It sends out orders to the ERP system and automatically transfers in delivery notes and invoices sent from the ERP system into Simpra Inventory.

Reduce waste while saving time!

Invest time you would lose with inventory tracking and cost calculations in your business.

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