How to run a Restaurant: 5 Tips for Running a Restaurant


We can say that many special issues need to be considered while running a restaurant. As you run your business, you need to determine how you manage and what you offer to your customers, review them frequently, test their quality, and take action to change them when necessary. “How to run a restaurant?” The answer to the question is based on these basic principles which is the case for all other businesses and enterprises. If you don’t get the result you want, you should try changing your methods instead of insisting on the method you used. In the end, what you will come across is finding the successful method for your business.

The answer to the question “How to run a restaurant” is directly related to your perspective on your business and the way you manage it. The little tips we will give you in this article are steps that worked for the majority of businesses. According to the results in your own business, you can expand your business skills by creating many more different ideas.

Focus on customer loyalty

Perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to while running a restaurant is to have a loyal customer base, also known as “regulars”.

To achieve this, you must take various steps to encourage your customers to remain loyal to you. It is important to have a loyalty management program using which you can extend special offers to your customers. It will also allow you to reach them easily and be aware of their services which will help you to know them better.

Simpra Loyalty stands out as a loyalty management module that offers a wide range of opportunities. Having a mobile application that your business will use for loyalty management, will help you to know your customers, group them and offer them special discount campaigns. Simpra Loyalty has much more than these and will make things much easier.

Be open to new ideas

You should be open to different payment methods and different order-taking methods. For example, contactless payment and order method is a great need today, you can offer your customers to order with the QR Menu. In restaurants that offer self-service, kiosks can help you to reduce the waiting time in front of the checkout. You can also expand your onlıne order alternatives by receiving orders on your website. The main thing you need to consider is to be open to innovations and to monitor the demands, behavior, habits, and expectations of the customers.

Increase your take-away quality

The takeaway has become one of the largest and permanent revenue items of restaurant businesses. Taking part in this growing market by providing an efficient and quality service increases the revenue of your business and the number of customers you have.

Simpra POS, which integrates with popular home delivery services can manage the orders received from intermediary institutions directly through your POS system. You can also take orders on your website and mobile application thanks to Simpra Loyalty. Reaching your customers from different platforms will be efficient in many ways.

Keep your stocks and costs under control

Perhaps one of the most important things about the restaurant business is how you manage to control your stocks and costs. Being able to manage the status of your stocks, the costs of your products, your communication with warehouses, and your purchases makes your business more manageable not only in the short term but also in the medium and long term. Simpra Inventory allows you to do all these operations when integrated into your POS system, as well as preparing prescriptions for your products and making instant stock control.

Take care of income and control expenses

Controlling the income and expenses of your business, making comparisons on a daily, monthly, weekly or even yearly basis allows you to gain an advantage by seeing the deficiencies in your management process.

Operators now need more than daily reports to have much stronger management skills. They seriously care about comparing how much of which product is instantly sold, daily income, and expenses, and this has now become a new determinant of the food and beverage industry. Simpra Insight is a mobile interface specially offered by Simpra for operators, where they can access detailed reports on their businesses from anywhere, anytime. To collect all your reports together, you will see the difference when you try Simpra Inventory. You should determine what type of management you will prefer in your business by considering all these tricks while operating a restaurant.


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