Pinpoints of Being a Waiter


What is being a good waiter/service staff? How is it measured? What are the qualities that make a waiter good at their job? What factors should be noted in the service sector? We hope that you can find answers to your questions by reading our blog post, which will address all of these questions from a general perspective.

Can you imagine a restaurant without a waiter, even though this profession doesn’t seem to have gained much importance? Serving is one of the duties that the quality comes to the fore and that successful businesses see as indispensable. So, what are the tricks of such an active role? Let’s take a look together!

Positive Attitude

In general, the critical point for all professions that require physical communication with customers is to be friendly. Although it can sometimes be tough, you may need to put aside your problems and bad moods. The most challenging part, keeping a positive attitude, is also the most crucial factor. Showing that you do your job willingly professionally will always come back as positive feedback.


It is essential to stay active in this profession. Standing for hours may keep you fit but tire you at the same time. For this reason, it is very important to eat correctly, engage in activities that will increase your motivation, and get plenty of rest. The higher your energy, the more energy that your customers show will increase simultaneously.


Food waits, but customers don’t! Speed is also a critical feature that waiters should have. We’re not just talking about physical speed, of course. Understanding the orders quickly, taking the necessary actions, and conveying them to the kitchen requires an advanced system. No more running to the kitchen to keep the whole order in mind. SimpraPOS mobile application can be downloaded to smart mobile devices and used as a hand terminal. Thus, you can make your work easier and faster by entering orders instantly into the system.


Communication seems like a simple title, but it is pretty misleading. What we mean by communication is to establish effective and constructive communication with everyone throughout the entire ordering process. The waiter’s responsibility is to protect and maintain contact between the customer and the kitchen staff. Don’t worry. We developed a system to make this job more manageable. The era of shouting the orders towards the kitchen is over. With the KDS (Kitchen Display System) module offered by Simpra, the orders you enter into the system are instantly sent to the kitchen. What is more, you are also be informed as soon as the orders are ready.


Everyone can make mistakes, but it is necessary to avoid situations that cause loss. In this context, the most crucial element will be the payment process. Making mistakes on receipts and checks can lead to confusing and irreversible results. With the Simpra Waiter Order Module, you can easily view the orders and the payment info of the tables. In addition, for your customers who want to change or merge tables, you can easily connect the table info in the POS system.

Not a bad waiter but a system

It’s just a lack of material that prevents you from showing the best performance. There is no such thing as inefficiency, thanks to the SimpraPOS system that minimizes human error and ensures that the operational processes are carried out practically. If you want to achieve perfection, you can take advantage of technology.


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