7 Tips For Restaurants: New Year Preparations


Holidays like Christmas have always been a busy period for restaurant owners and staff. With the New Year knocking on the door, the upcoming work pace may scare you. How will you manage all the operational processes from table reservations to menu contents and entertainments to payments in the most effective way?

The intense workload isn’t the only thing that Christmas brings. It also brings more revenue and profits. That’s why we’ve come up with 7 tips to manage this busy period at best and turn your workload into an advantage.

Don’t leave reservation management to the last minute

You can easily help your guests who want table replacements and request other changes to their reservations. Thanks to Check&Place table reservation system, you can always view and plan your reservations online and notify your guests via SMS or email.

Create custom menus

With SimpraPOS‘s combo menu feature, you can make everyone happy at the same time by providing different food and beverage options or fixed menus. You can also custom the prices and turn one of the most tiring tasks into an advantage.

Strengthen the presentation

No matter how delicious the food is and how friendly the employees are, the quality is incomplete without presentation. Decorations play a critical role, especially on special days. By coming up with a theme, you can increase the success of your business.

Make your guests feel special

You can surprise your guests by offering discount coupons and gift cards. You can also offer customizable gift cards and discount coupons to save your guests from the trouble of having no idea what to give their loved ones as a present.

Ensure the health of your guests

Due to the pandemic, it is quite important for business owners to regard the health of their customers, especially on one of the busiest days like Christmas. You can receive order and payment transactions contactless via mobile devices with Simpra QR Menu.

Don’t forget about your in-home guests

Some people prefer to stay home at Christmas. Don’t hold them back from delicious food and attractive deals. Thanks to the integration of SimpraPOS with third-party applications such as GetirYemek and Deliverect, you can make your guests happy anywhere, anytime.

Bring out the Christmas spirit

The secret of real success is the little touches that seem insignificant. By following the first six steps, you will do an amazing job. But how will you bring out the Christmas spirit? We have prepared a list of songs that will touch the souls of your guests. Don’t forget to take a look!


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