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Simpra Restaurant Check Program allows for a comprehensive management for all processes from ordering to delivery. Store your transactions in a secure cloud infrastructure, ensuring fast and reliable access to data at all times.

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End-to-end control

End-to-end control

Manage all processes from ordering to delivery with Simpra Restaurant Check Program.

Efficient staff, happy customers

Efficient staff, happy customers

Increase staff efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Effective order management

Effective order management

Keep the entire process from order placement to payment under control.

Complementary to the customer experience at the table

Complementary to the customer experience at the table

Analyze the order processes and review your strategy.

To a loyalty program from a happy customer

To a loyalty program from a happy customer

Surprise your regular customers and increase their loyalty.

Secure cloud infrastructure

Secure cloud infrastructure

Safely store your data with the cloud-based infrastructure of the Simpra Adisyon Program.

Over 3000 businesses have entered a new era with Simpra.

Now it's your turn!

"Guest satisfaction is always our top priority. We strive to respond quickly to their requests at all times. We also work with Simpra, which, like us, can take rapid action in terms of automation."

Hakan Yeşilyurt


"With the QR menu, we eliminate paper waste entirely. The ability of Simpra QR Menu and Simpra POS to work together allows us to update changes simultaneously across all systems, which is one of the greatest conveniences it provides us."

Selçuk Şentepe

Symphony Lounge

"After switching to Simpra QR Menu, we no longer need to change QR codes when making price changes, product updates, or adding new items. As a result, we have achieved significant profitability for our business."

Alper Korkmaz

Kaen Sushi

Selin Beauty
factory karaköy
Leone Patisserie
Beyaz Fırın
espresso lab
Fly-in beach
Parma Sole

22 countries, 4500+ terminals, 115+ million transactions.
The Simpra ecosystem is the gateway to the future for more than 3000 businesses.

Take full control of the
processes of your restaurant

Simpra Ayraç

What is possible with
Simpra Restaurant Billing Program?

End-to-end professional service
End-to-end professional service

The Simpra Restaurant Billing Program provides professional service for all orders. Guarantee customer satisfaction with end-to-end professional service.

End-to-end professional service

  1. Practical and fast solutions for table orders
  2. Advantage of instantly updated status information in online orders
  3. Full control in table and/or package service processes

Increased visibility
Increased visibility

The Restaurant Billing Program is compatible with online ordering platforms. Integrate with all ordering channels, increase your visibility and profit.

Increased visibility

  1. Easy integration to all platforms through the marketplace
  2. Advantage of instant status updates in order tracking
  3. Ease of control in all processes up to delivery

Seamless order management
Seamless order management

From the moment the customer places an order until payment is made, the entire process is under control with Simpra. Easily create your customer profile.

Seamless order management

  1. Advantage of tracking the customer's stay duration at the table
  2. Revenue tracking for tables based on customer and duration
  3. Opportunity to develop promotion and sales strategy according to customer profile

Real-time information from ordering to the kitchen
Real-time information from ordering to the kitchen

Data communication between modules of the Simpra Restaurant Billing Program is fast. Let the staff take the order and it be instantly displayed it in the kitchen.

Real-time information from ordering to the kitchen

  1. Instant communication from ordering to the kitchen with Simpra integrations
  2. Improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty with fast service
  3. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty with fast service

Minimum waste with inventory supply
Minimum waste with inventory supply

The billing program also updates inventory while displaying orders in the kitchen. Ensure efficient inventory supply and keep your warehouse under control.

Minimum waste with inventory supply

  1. Advantage of inventory tracking based on the order
  2. Zero surprises in inventory tracking
  3. Ease of cost control in purchases

Simpra Ayraç

Automate your services with Simpra restaurant management.

Frequently Asked Questions

The restaurant POS system ensures that the business has a flawless management system. Sales reports, income and expense status can be viewed, order management can be done, and important operations such as stock and cost control can be performed.

All integrations belonging to Simpra POS can be accessed by clicking on the Marketplace tab in the Simpra Backoffice application.

No. Thanks to Simpra POS's pay-as-you-go feature, there is no need to make payments to the POS system when the restaurant is closed.

Simpra POS integrates with Delivery Service Applications, ERP Applications, Payment Systems, Loyalty Programs, Table Reservation Systems, and many more integrations.

Systems that record every transaction in restaurants and offer an end-to-end management infrastructure are referred to as restaurant POS systems.

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