Beach Operations are Under Control with Simpra

Manage the entire operation on the beach flawlessly, get paid easily and offer your customers a contactless experience.


Discover Simpra’s Beach Operation

Easily manage beach operations through the ePOS system developed by Simpra for beach businesses.

Hasan Işık


We decided to work with Simpra because it has a strong team and corporate structure.

Erman Eroğlu


We have correctly set up our workflows with Simpra. In particular, it is a great convenience for us to receive reports from our mobile phones.

Emrah Sati

Urban Bread

We have not encountered another POS system as detailed and useful as Simpra.

Contactless Payment

Receive contactless payments and view all expenditures made by your visitors on the ePOS system.

Wristband and Card

Visitors can easily perform their order and payment transactions within the beach using RFID cards or wristbands.

Table and Sunbed Plan

See all the table and sunbed plans of the beach on the ePOS system, and manage your business error free.

Visitor Details

Segment your visitors as women, men and children, and instantly view the workload of your business.

Unique ePOS Experience for Beach Clubs

SimpraPOS has been designed to perform the entire operation of beach clubs.

Pay As You Go

During business closures, you do not pay Simpra. Thus, you can save money.

Access Reports Anytime

Access all the reports of your business on your smartphone with Simpra’s mobile reporting application, Simpra Insight.

Offline Working Mode

Run your operation flawlessly even if you experience an interruption in the internet with the offline mode of SimpraPOS.

7×24 Support

Reach the experienced support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and easily perform all transactions related to Simpra.

User Story

Listen from our users why you should choose Simpra.

Simpra ile, tek kasada birden fazla marka yönetmemize rağmen hiçbir karışıklık yaşamadan işlemlerimizi sürdürebiliyoruz.

Erman Eroğlu


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