Uninterrupted and hygienic service

Enjoy the beach with Simpra warranty!

Ensure provision of uninterrupted and hygienic service with sunbed and table management and contactless payment.

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Faultless system, uninterrupted beach experience

Faultless system, uninterrupted beach experience

Control of all the details of the beach operation and provide an uninterrupted beach experience with the automated system.

Reliable system

Reliable system

Ensure protection of all data while providing flawless service.

Pay as you use

Pay as you use

Don't pay for automation during off season when your seasonal business is closed.

Non-stop system

Non-stop system

Simpra Beach POS System has an offline operation mode.

Sunbed and table management

Sunbed and table management

Manage every square meter of your business yourself.

Contactless hygiene on the beach

Contactless hygiene on the beach

Let your customer make contactless transactions without disrupting the hygiene chain.

Over 3000 businesses have entered a new era with Simpra.

Now it's your turn!

"Guest satisfaction is always our top priority. We strive to respond quickly to their requests at all times. We also work with Simpra, which, like us, can take rapid action in terms of automation."

Hakan Yeşilyurt


"With the QR menu, we eliminate paper waste entirely. The ability of Simpra QR Menu and Simpra POS to work together allows us to update changes simultaneously across all systems, which is one of the greatest conveniences it provides us."

Selçuk Şentepe

Symphony Lounge

"After switching to Simpra QR Menu, we no longer need to change QR codes when making price changes, product updates, or adding new items. As a result, we have achieved significant profitability for our business."

Alper Korkmaz

Kaen Sushi

Selin Beauty
factory karaköy
Leone Patisserie
Beyaz Fırın
espresso lab
Fly-in beach
Parma Sole

22 countries, 4500+ terminals, 115+ million transactions.
The Simpra ecosystem is the gateway to the future for more than 3000 businesses.

Simpra means more fun at every minute of the trip for travellers

Simpra Ayraç

What is possible with Simpra Beach POS System?

Compatible with all payment systems
Compatible with all payment systems

The Simpra Beach POS Program has an infrastructure compatible with all payment methods. Start profiting from the moment you install the system.

Compatible with all payment systems

  1. Advantage of receiving contactless payments with the POS system
  2. Infrastructure suitable for all payment methods
  3. Happy customer who can choose the payment method

Software customized for beaches
Software customized for beaches

The beach billing program has software developed according to the dynamics of such businesses. Pay for what you use.

Software customized for beaches

  1. System suspended when the business is closed
  2. Advantage of having an updated program in the summer season
  3. Use according to activity status in chain businesses

A system that can adapt to the needs of special groups
A system that can adapt to the needs of special groups

The Simpra Beach Billing Program is customizable from table layout to promotion information. Surprise your customers and increase their enjoyment and loyalty.

A system that can adapt to the needs of special groups

  1. Ease of table and sun lounger arrangement for special reservations and parties
  2. Customer identification feature with the RFID system
  3. Promotion advantage in contactless orders and payments depending on the customer

Offline operation mode
Offline operation mode

The Simpra Beach Management Program is a system that provides flawless service when working offline. You can be sure there won't be service interruptions even at problematic times of Internet connectivity.

Offline operation mode

  1. Opportunity to provide flawless service even for areas on the beach where the Internet connectivity is limited
  2. Happy customer who doesn't have to wait for connection for orders and payments
  3. Efficient staff not having to deal with customers experiencing Internet problems

Access to support 24/7
Access to support 24/7

The beach operation service is active 24/7. Get to know the Simpra expertise and feel safe with professional technical support.

Access to support 24/7

  1. Quick and definite solution in case of any malfunction
  2. Experienced and equipped support team
  3. Advantage of expert support at any hour of the day

Simpra Ayraç

Combine the joy of sea and sun with Simpra's flawless service.

Beach Parties
Multiple Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with Simpra POS, all sunbeds and tables on the beach can be tracked in real-time, and their availability status can be accessed quickly.

With Simpra POS, the sales process can be accelerated, stock and payment transactions can be easily controlled. Additionally, customer relations can be strengthened, and guest satisfaction can be increased.

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