Ready to Feel the Sun with Simpra?

As we leave the cold of winter behind, it is finally the time to dream of hot a summer vacation now! Let the beach operations begin, then!

We finally get to feel the grains of sand crawling under our feet. Not to mention the sun dazzling our eyes, the smell of the sea brought by the light breeze, and the delicious cocktails we drink… While your guests are dreaming about all these, everything is up to you, Beach Club owners! Before the summer season starts, we wanted to touch on some points where you can improve your business and increase your earnings BECAUSE beach operations are so EASY with Simpra!

Enjoy your reading!

May the sunbeds be ever in your favor!

No matter where they go or what they do, the great battle that vacationers can never escape is the sunbed wars. The most popular visitors on all beaches are those who come at 8 am and reserve the sunbeds for themselves… The ones, even though they are three, who can’t fit their sunbeds and looking for more… Don’t worry, we found a solution for them too! With Simpra, you can plan all the tables and sunbeds on your beach and detect the unused ones over the POS system! You can also segment your visitors as women, men, and children to define your target audience better!

Look at my sunburns! I was on a vacation!

Apart from the sunburns caused by swimming suits, aren’t the marks of the beach bracelets the most common thing we see in summer? The most obvious proof that we had a summer vacation is our wrists with sunburns, which reveal our true color… Good news for your visitors who don’t like the marks on their wrists! Thanks to fully integrated RFID cards to Simpra POS, order and contactless payment operations can now be carried out easily. We also didn’t forget the visitors who don’t like to use cards and can’t get away from the practical use of the bracelets. With Simpra QR Menu, they can perform their order and payment transactions as easily as the ones with the cards.

Winter is coming. What do we do now?

Here is the question that always keeps Beach Club owners’ minds busy. During the summer season, while things are tumbling along, suddenly winter comes and things get quiet. But what about the investments you made in the summer when your business is closed? Don’t worry! We have the solution for that too! During these quiet seasons, you do not pay to Simpra. In this way, you can both prevent unnecessary expenses and economize as you want.

The internet is off, so is the party.

Although we live in the 21st century, the lost internet connection is one of the biggest problems of our time. The empty feeling that comes so suddenly… Let’s dream together. One of the busiest days of your beach with full of holidaymakers. Hundreds and thousands of orders are flying through the air. Bang! Connection lost. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem either! Thanks to the Simpra POS‘s offline mode, you can continue your operation flawlessly even if you lose your internet connection. You can also reach our support 7×24 and find solid solutions for any kind of technical problem! Welcome back to the 21st Century!

Don’t forget to visit our beach pos system page to learn more about the advantages that Simpra offers!

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