Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

What is Simpra? How does it work?

Simpra is cloud-based restaurant management and POS system software. You can use Simpra on Android and iOS tablets and Windows.

I want to try, how can I?

You can download Simpra EPOS on Google Play or App Store.

Can I use Simpra on any device?

You can use Simpra with Android and iOS tablets and on Windows laptops and computers.

Are there any educational materials available?

Yes, we have prepared highly detailed user manuals for you.

How can I start my free trial?

You can start your free trial without entering your payment or credit card information. Just download it to your tablet and register to start your 14-day free trial.

Can I start my subscription before my trial ends?

You can start your subscription before the end of your 14-day trial period. The number of days remaining from your free trial will be included to your subscription.

What will happen after the trial period?

You can keep using Simpra by entering your payment information to the system.

How I can request a quote?

You can use our Pricing page or call us to request a quote.

How can I renew my Simpra subscription?

You can enter your payment information to continue to use Simpra.

How can I change my billing information?

To change your billing information, you need to log in to the back office. Then, open the system settings and use payment and license page to change your billing information.

Can I transfer my data from my old system? Or can you help me to do this?

You can transfer your data to Simpra and if you are having trouble, our support team will help you.

Do you have integration with cash registers?

Yes, we have. You can integrate Simpra with new generations cash registers. Please visit our Integrations pages or call us to get detailed information.

Do you have integration with Yemeksepeti?

Yes, we have. With this integration, any orders coming from Yemeksepeti platform are automatically dumped into your Simpra e-POS.

Can I use a hand terminal or tablet to take table-side orders?

Yes, you can take orders with hand terminals, tablets or smartphones.

Do you release updates? Do I need to update Simpra?

We release regular updates to improve your Simpra experience. Simpra offers you the latest restaurant management technology and keeps you updated.

Do you have a call center?

Yes, you can reach us by calling our call center which is 24/7 available at +90 850 333 76 75.

What are your office hours?

You can contact us 24/7.

Do I need to pay for technical support?

No, our support service is free.

How can I change prices or menu?

You can use back office to change your menu or prices.

Does your system have features such as cancellation, refund, discount, and complimentary?

Yes, you can use these features with Simpra.

Can I split checks?

Yes, you can split or combine checks with Simpra.

Can I create special notes for orders?

Yes, you can create notes for special orders.

Can I transfer a table after opening a check?

Yes, you can transfer tables with Simpra.

Can I add condiments to the menu items?

Yes, you can.

Can I track my sales in real-time?

You can track your sales in real-time and get reports, thanks to the cloud-based Simpra. Also, you can track your sales reports via free mobile reporting app even when you are out of the office.

Can I access my data online?

Thanks to the cloud-based system, you can access your data online.

How can I check my sales reports?

You can use the Admin Panel or Mobile Reporting app to see your sales reports.

Can I track my sales when I am out of the office?

You can use our free mobile reporting app and track your business from anywhere.