Introducing Simpra; a Simple and Practical Restaurant Management System

Meet our brand new cloud-based RMS system, Simpra. It not only provides you with the flexibility and advantages of a cloud-based system; it also saves you costly infrastructure investments. And, in addition, its intuitive design makes it easy to learn; saving you time and training expenses.

You can download the Simpra hardware & software requirements.

Simpra POS iPad display
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Save on Infrastructure Costs

Simpra is compatible with iOS, Android tablets and Windows, MacOS PCs. As it works on all devices, from your home computer to the tablet in your bag, no extensive investments are required!

Simpra POS digital menu
Simpra POS payment screen

Take Your Business to The Cloud

Even today most software is converted from existing on-premise systems into cloud-based systems. Simpra was born in the cloud and made for the cloud, in fact so much so, it doesn’t even have an on-premise version. Ultimately this means that any kind of software errors, data loss or security issues that often occur during the adaptation of on-premises systems are completely ruled out.

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Simpra POS desktop dashboard

Pay Only for What You Use!

Is your restaurant one of a kind? Or a chain of fast food restaurants? Is your establishment a start-up, with the potential to expand? Are you opening new branches? Not a problem! Simpra has the answers and the flexibility to adapt to all and any of your business needs. Add and subtract your devices in-line with your needs.

simpra device screen

No Training Costs and Saves Time

Learning and acclimatisation periods are important factors during the course of transition from old to new software right? Well, not with Simpra! Simpra’s intuitive interface is so easy and effective that anyone, even those with zero experience of RMS software quickly become experts.

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It Adapts to Even the Most busiest of Establishments

Let’s take a sneak peek at a few of the features of Simpra; here are just a couple of the highlights that make Simpra so perfect for even the most active establishments.

Transfer Table

Do your customers want to change their table to another one, for whatever reason? Not a problem! Use the transfer process on Simpra, switch tables without having to re-issue the check, and most importantly without getting confused in the process.

Merge Tables

Did one of your regulars just bump into some of their friends or are new friendships being born in your restaurant? Not a problem! Just merge the tables and let them continue their conversation in peace, while your business continues to run smoothly.

Multiple Checks

Do your customers want to pay their accounts separately? Save your staff some time without getting lost in calculations. Simpra can easily handle the task of opening multiple checks for one single table.

Create Customer Profiles

Simpra keeps track of your customers' details, including order history, with the customer profile feature. It supports your marketing and loyalty management efforts and keeps track of your VIP clients.