"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
Albert Einstein

The team behind the Simpra family

The word “experience” is often used in conjunction with old age. And it is not often sought after in the software business, although, it is an important trait in real life. Software businesses usually prioritise youth, dynamism and change.

But there are things in life that we do not wish to change. Trust being one of them and it comes hand in hand with experience. We trust upon positive experiences and when these change, they usually result in growing distrust.

Established in Turkey, we created our team in answer to the following crucial question: was there in any way a solution in which we could combine these strong traits together? Could we start up a team, that would be experienced, create trust and at the same time be young and dynamic; easily adaptable to change?

The answer was Protein; a combination of decades of experience, adaptability and dynamism.

Be part of a growing family

Simpra is not just any RMS it’s a restaurant management system that consists of smaller apps and software. We plan to grow this family, expand and get stronger. Meaning, we will be offering further solutions within the Simpra Suite of products, that will cover all aspects of your business with new software modules. Keep in touch and join this ever growing family!