The most exciting ideas for restaurant and cafe owners

Many restaurants in the world are operated with exciting concepts and themes. The main reason to adopt a different style is to compete with restaurants and attract more customers. Suppose you want to start a unique business or decorate your restaurant, cafe, or bar with a different theme. In that case, we will offer you some ideas. We hope you have as much fun as we do while taking a look at these restaurants and cafes below!

Have fun reading!

Dinner In The Sky – Las Vegas, USA

This restaurant is definitely not for those with a fear of heights! The restaurant, called Dinner In The Sky, invites its guests to a feast in the sky, as the name suggests. The capacity of this restaurant, which is held in the air by a crane, is limited to 22 people. That is why the reservation queue never drops. The restaurant with the “The best dinner you can experience.” slogan, the whole Las Vegas view is laid out under your feet. We would definitely recommend our readers to visit this place in Nevada!

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant – Volterra, Italy

Fortezza Medicea has one of the most interesting restaurant concepts imaginable. This place is actually a prison! This restaurant, actually built as a prison in 1474, consists of criminals sentenced to at least 7 years. Then, it started to serve as a restaurant in 2006. All of the service personnel are real prisoners. But don’t worry! Because the management never gives up on high security! It is crucial to make an early reservation to visit this place.

Hr Giger Museum Bar – Gruyeres, Switzerland

We can’t think of any other place to give you more chills! Created by Swiss artist H. R. Giger, HR Giger Bar invites visitors to a unique experience. The ceiling, walls, tables, and chairs are modeled in the “Alien” biomechanical environment and character designs. Although it looks scary, this bar is among the places you must see before dying. If you go to this cave-like bar equipped with alien skeletons, don’t forget to share your experiences with us!

Giraffe Manor – Nairobi, Kenya

All animal lovers here! We all are used to seeing animals like cats, dogs, birds, etc., on the street. But what about giraffes? Giraffe Manor is actually a boutique hotel, and however, it has a very interesting feature. You can share your meal with giraffes at the restaurant inside this hotel! Since the hotel was built in the middle of a forest, besides many animal species, giraffes keep you company. Thanks to the large windows, you can have the experience of eating at the same table with the giraffes sticking their head inside the glass!

Le 3842 – Chamonix, France

Le 3842 is built on the top of Europe’s highest mountain, Aiguille du Midi, Alps. It is also one of the highest restaurants in the world and is open only 2 days a week. With its small and sympathetic structure, it attracts a lot of customers. The only problem is that you have to climb through the restaurant or land on it by helicopter. Still, finding a place is a huge problem. For this reason, it is essential to call and make a reservation at least one week in advance.

Ithaa Undersea – Rangali Island, Maldives

We have already talked about high places, but what about the submarine? Ithaa (pearl), the first underwater restaurant in the world, was designed as a small and transparent capsule that extends to a depth of approximately 5 meters. Watching the sea creatures while enjoying your meal must be incredibly exciting. Guests can access it by descending the spiral staircase from the private deck. If you don’t have claustrophobia or thalassophobia, we recommend you visit this coral-filled world!

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant – Villa Escudero Resort, Philippines

Are you ready to get wet while eating? A unique banquet experience set in the middle of the waterfall… Labassin waterfall restaurant is one of the most preferred restaurants in the world. Although the concept seems simple, it offers a refreshing dining experience to its guests. Before you visit this place, our final advice is to try wearing shoes that you can take off easily! Let’s fold the legs up and dive into delicious Filipino cuisine now!

The Snowcastle of Kemi – Kemi, Finland

Now let’s enjoy the winter season. The Snowcastle of Kemi was designed as the most significant snow castle in the world. This restaurant, located inside the castle, is all made of ice, except for the tables and chairs. If you’re thinking of going, wearing clothes that will keep you warm is a good idea. Besides the walls, floor, and ceiling made of ice, perhaps the most interesting feature of this restaurant is that it is rebuilt every year with a different architecture. A small warning; Be careful not to slip!

O.NOIR – Montreal, Canada

This restaurant is the epitome of “open your mouth and close your eyes.” O.NOIR, a restaurant in Montreal, Canada, pioneered the “Dining in the Dark” movement. The logic of this trend is the experience of eating using only our sense of taste. The dining rooms are all dark, and your only focus is on the food on your plate. The founder of the place, Moe Alameddine, summarizes this trend as follows; “When you eat in the dark, your senses work better at detecting the smell and taste. Even the products we eat every day, such as potato and yogurt, give a different taste.”

Hospitalist Restaurant – Depok, Indonesia

Here we are witnessing a service with no borders. In this interesting hospital-themed restaurant, all the staff, from the waiters to the cook, dress like doctors and nurses. While we eat with surgical tools instead of the forks and knives we use every day, what draws great attention is the food on our plates resembling real organs. Drinks are also served in serum and test tubes, but that’s not the weirdest part. Some customers are dressed in aprons and fed by service personnel. Who we are to mention borders now?

These concepts may not suit every business, or circumstances may not allow it to be so creative. The key point of a successful business is to find a theme to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Although your restaurant, bar, or café has an attractive concept, it is helpful to prioritize service quality. In order to achieve this, you need a qualified restaurant/cafe management system. Otherwise, how can you provide the highest quality service to many customers? Reservation management that you can follow instantly and is integrated into the POS system is among the features that will make your business stand out. How do we know? Because if you take a look at the restaurants listed above, you can see that order speed and customer experience are prioritized in the comments. Even if you own the most interesting business in the world, you should review your management system if you are compromising on the quality of service.

Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts to improve your restaurants and cafes! With SimpraPOS, you can manage your business from end to end and increase your profits.

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