Describing 2021 in one word…

As we walk through 2022, we get to think more about what 2021 means to us. Sometimes it brought great disappointments, and sometimes it sprinkled tiny little hopes like a bag of fairy dust. Even though we didn’t fully understand what we were going through because of the pandemic, it wasn’t all bad after all. Was it?

While leaving 2021 behind us, for better or worse, we wanted to share our successes and hopes in a single word for each. We hope you can relate to our words and walk with us on the way to 2022!


For most of us, 2021 has been the year when we feel deeply the need to find ourselves and belong somewhere. Family is not only the people who raised you in your childhood but also the people who make you feel like you belong. The people who are with you, who understand you the most, and are willing to share your experiences no matter what. They are the people you sit at the table with at the end of the day. The biggest gain of this year was us, expanding our family.


Although we have been continuing our lives at home for a long time, we started to socialize a little more this year. Accommodation establishments, cafes, and restaurants have repositioned the tables. We can even use the trial cabins again! Now we can go out to eat with our loved ones, we can easily buy the clothes we feel comfortable with, and we can enjoy our vacations safely. Didn’t we do it before? After experiencing the hard circumstances, we understood the value of what we’d had!


For almost 2 years, the pandemic has been deeply affecting many industries and businesses. However, our entry into the normalization process in 2021 also allowed hotels and restaurants to pick up where they left off. Even in just one year, hotel and restaurant occupancy rates have almost doubled. Therefore, we not only hope but know that we will increase our success even further this year.


We gained a very good understanding of crisis management and methods of coping with stress. There were difficult times for most of us that led us to work harder, put in a lot of effort, and be ready to do even more for the best. Sometimes bad experiences are necessary for us to improve ourselves and take safe steps. Because if we were able to get through this year, we think there is nothing we can’t achieve!

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