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Archive of articles with tips and news about restaurant management. What you need to do to provide better quality service in your restaurant.

Tips For Restaurants: Valentine’s Day

You know what they say; "Without Valentine's Day, February would be... Well, January." February 14 is the most romantic day of the year, for sure. It represents a special and romantic evening for many...

Restaurant Automation and Hotel Management System Connection

If you are a property owner, this article will definitely focus on information that will interest you. In many hoteliers' minds, the question that appears the most is how to connect additional service areas...

7 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Restaurant

When you start running a restaurant, you will not initially have loyal customers, however, getting loyal customers is not very difficult. There are different methods for attracting customers depending on the types of services...

10 Things Restaurants Should Consider When Using Social Media

Nowadays, digital marketing and social media communication is vital for all businesses regardless of their industry. According to the research conducted by The Hartman Group, 49% of social media users follow and search for...

Ready to Feel the Sun with Simpra?

As we leave the cold of winter behind, it is finally the time to dream of hot a summer vacation now! Let the beach operations begin, then! We finally get to feel the grains of...

7 Ways to Manage Your Takeaway Processes Correctly

The demand for package delivery has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic. The market share of package ordering continues to grow parallel with diversification of earnings and service forms for businesses. We have prepared...

7 Tips For Restaurants: New Year Preparations

Holidays like Christmas have always been a busy period for restaurant owners and staff. With the New Year knocking on the door, the upcoming work pace may scare you. How will you manage all...

Pinpoints of Being a Waiter

What is being a good waiter/service staff? How is it measured? What are the qualities that make a waiter good at their job? What factors should be noted in the service sector? We hope...

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